Facility Survey Solutions

Optimize and defend your construction and maintenance budget with meaningful data and precise analysis

R&K is a recognized leader in Facility Survey Solutions for organizations with a small campus to those with large facility footprints. Utilizing our professional mobile surveying solutions along with innovative technology and time tested survey methodologies, R&K can create AutoCAD® compatible floor plans on-site that can be used by professional surveyors and other facility professionals alike.

Facility surveys in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost — with greater accuracy.

Improve accuracy, save time and reduce the cost of facilty surveys by utilizing the latest technology in the hands of our experienced professionals.

With an R&K survey solution you can receive:

  • Expert work from an industry leader in facility inventory accountability practices
  • Leveraging of the latest technology to produce more accurate inventories on your existing assets
  • Confirmation of the accuracy of your new or existing plans,  digital photos, and powerful inspection tools get the job done right
  • Reduced turnaround time for delivery providing you with the data you need in a timely manner


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